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It’s official, Steeltown Pro Wrestling will celebrate its 3rd anniversary on Saturday April 9th and SPW President Dale Barnett is pulling out all the stops to make this a historic event.

It is already confirmed that the 3rd Anniversary Show will take place at the Selkirk Memorial Hall and will be SPW’s second iPPV taping that will air on

This year’s anniversary show will also feature the SPW debut of former WWE superstar GANGREL and the return of the wild women of SPW. Because of this fact SPW started collaboration with Also signed to appear are the SPW Heavyweight Champion “Iron” Ike Idol, SPW Provincial Champion Spanky, “Really Crazy” Rob Stardom, “Classic” Matt Fairlane, La Sombra, “Wild Child” Jerin Rose and Marius with plenty more to come.

This event is already turning out to be one of the biggest in SPW history as it celebrates 3 years of existence and enters its 4th year in operation.

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This week's edition of The Buzz by John Henry is full of information and new bits that you don't want to miss.

SPW returns to selkirk on feb 26

SPW returns to the Selkirk Memorial Hall with another SPW SHOWDOWN TV taping on Saturday February 26!

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"Wild child" jerin rose

The "Wild Child" of Steeltown Pro Wrestling has wrestled all over the territory. A multiple heavyweight and tag team champion, including being an inaugural SPW Tag Team Champion, Jerin Rose is a perennial fan favourite at SPW events. Oozing with charisma and high energy, Jerin Rose has set his sights on the SPW Heavyweight Title.






















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