top ten (02/07)

Good bye rankings, hello top 10!  Compiled by the SPW office, presents who they think are presently the top 10 wrestlers in Steeltown Pro Wrestling.  Without further ado…

1. SPW Heavyweight Champion Marius

He made the front page of the Carman Valley Leader twice, once in January and once in February and both articles were re-printed in the Central Plain Harold Leader.  Both newspapers cover a vast majority of South Central Manitoba.  On February 10th he’ll be a guest at a luncheon hosted by Manitoba Premier Greg Selinger and he’ll be making his Newfoundland debut at the beginning of March.  Throw in the fact that he’s now held the SPW Heavyweight Title for 479 days and you see why he’s currently at #1.

2. SPW Provincial Champion Tommy Lee Curtis

Mr. TLC, current SPW Provincial Champion, defeated Spanky in a dog collar match on New Years Day, toured Alberta at the end of January and has worked for a number of Central Canadian promotions.  As the #2 champion in SPW his stock has only begun to rise and many people expect 2011 to be a big year for Tommy Lee Curtis.

3. Big Cliff Corleone

He started the New Year holding 4 different versions of the tag team titles including our very own SPW Tag Team Titles.  In an online poll the fans chose him as SPW Wrester of the Year in addition to the fact that he’s gone toe to toe with nearly a dozen former WWE Superstars over the last 12 months.  Along with his partner Reggie Gallagher, Bad to the Bone are looking unstoppable in the tag team division and he could easily parlay that success as a single wrestler.  Did we mention he’s the biggest man in SPW tipping the scales at nearly 400 LBS?

4. La Sombra

Rob Stardom may be in possession of La Sombra’s prized mask but the El Salvadorian holds several key wins over the veteran Stardom.  With his sights set on winning the SPW Heavyweight Title, victories over Stardom, a fixture in the main event scene, goes a long way in his bid for a rematch against the SPW Heavyweight Champion.  Rivaling only Matt Fairlane as the top fan favorite in the promotion, La Sombra will accept nothing less than being crowned SPW Heavyweight Champion in 2011.


The big man lives in a dark, damp basement and loves to inflict pain on his adversaries.  He scored a win over Jerin Rose on January 28th and scored a tag team victory to boot.  Following to wins he was sent on tour for Tony Condello on the Northern Tour braving the elements and the winter roads; now he’s instilling fear in the hearts of those living in northern communities.  For someone as deranged as SYKO he’s looking strangely focused so far this year.

6. Jerin Rose

In 2010 he held tag team and singles gold and mentored a young Alex Shaver to the top of the tag team division.  On January 1st, Rose announced that he was back in singles action and he was looking to become the SPW Heavyweight Champion.  Unfortunately for Rose he fell victim to SYKO on January 28th setting him back for time being.  Something tells us he and SYKO will meet again and if they do it might go from a wrestling match to a pier six brawl!

7. Matt Fairlane

Matt Fairlane’s level of frustration is rising at a rapid pace.  His inability to unrest the SPW Heavyweight Title from Marius is really getting to him and not without good reason.  Marius has yet to defeat Fairlane cleanly in the middle of the ring falling back on gratuitous cheating in order to remain champion.  He managed to pin the champion in a tag team match on New Years day and been requesting some type of stipulation match in order to settle the score once and for all.

8. Ike Idol

Due to a winter storm, Ike Idol’s first shot on the SPW Heavyweight Title was effectively cancelled.  Hard to believe that after nearly 3 years Ike Idol has not yet received a SPW Heavyweight Title match despite being a 2-time SPW Provincial Champion.  In an online poll fans voted him most likely to win the SPW Heavyweight Title in 2011.  All he needs now is the opportunity to challenge the champion!

9. Spanky

Spanky lost to former tag team partner TLC on New Years Day and lost again in the main event tag match on Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes.  That being said he was one of the most hated people on the show with fans chanting “Spanky Sucks” during the duration of the match.  Aside from SPW he’s been working for other Central Canadian promotions where he is equally disliked.  Spanky currently has his sights set on the SPW Provincial Title but he’ll have to go through Mr. TLC to get it.

10. Shadow Xtreme

Shadow Xtreme may be am unlikely candidate for the first “Top 10” but he was chosen because he’s high in demand at the moment.  He recently signed on for a 3 week Northern Tour being promoted by Tony Condello and is expected to be a major fan favorite in the northern communities.  The young high flier has the ability to adapt to any opponent and situation and 2011 could be a breakout year.  Did we mention that he’s also been touring with metal band “Uncurable”?